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1Arizona Title Loans

Apex Title Loan assists tons of residents in Arizona with car title loans as a practical alternative for fast cash. Citizens in Arizona only have to have a source of income and a clear title of the vehicle in their name. There are differing variables that come together to make certain that you are able to receive the auto title loan that suits your needs best.

Servicing the locals in AZ, we take pride in our efficiency to process your car title loan when you need it. We are a leading auto title loan company because we are dependable and operate differently from a bank! There’s none of the regulatory challenges that banks put you through when granting personal or bad credit loans. We are much more flexible than a bank, if you have an official Arizona car title we can get you your auto title loan today. Our title loan application process is fast and easy. Our customer service is available to answer any questions you might have and will help you through the car title loan process.

2What Is A Car Title Loan?

An Arizona auto title loan is a personal loan that utilizes the current equity in your vehicle in order to secure funds. The amount of the loan is not determined by your credit score, but by tour vehicle’s value. A key advantage of getting a title loan in AZ is that you still get to drive tour vehicle while the loan is being repaid!

3AZ Title Loan Answers

After you are approved for an Arizona auto title loan at Apex Title Loan, you can receive your funds within a short time of filling out the application. Because of the short approval time, auto title loans are idea for circumstances where you need the cash but lack the collateral to acquire a more conventional loan in Arizona.

Dissimilar to other typical monetary institutions, Apex Title Loan only requires a set of mandatory documents such as:

  • Official image ID like a driver’s license
  • Clear auto title in your name
  • Proof of income such as saving account statements or paycheck stubs
  • Insurance and registration coverage of your vehicle
  • Personal references
  • Proof of residency such as a utility or cable bill

And you’re done! After checking your information, an Apex Title Loan agent will inform you about your status for your car title loan.


“Thank you guys so much! James at your Mesa, AZ location is so helpful and made me feel very comfortable during a tough time I was having.”

-Marisol, Chandler Arizona

“Anytime I need a cash loan you guys are my #1 choice! I really like being able to get all my title loan paperwork done online, it really speeds up the process.”

-J Dominquez Phoenix Arizona